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The Odin Project

The Odin Project is my home base and is the open source curriculum where I learned the basics. I’ve been a top contributor and continue to contribute and support the project, as its community is very dear to me.

I’ve contributed a few bug fixes to the various community tools including the web application and the Discord bot. The web application at the time of my contribution was a Rails 6 application, so it was right in my wheelhouse. I fixed a client side form validation issue which was powered by a Stimulus controller. The fix I applied on the Discord bot involved a user not sending unique usernames in a point grant message which meant regular users could give multiple points to a single person against spec. The fix included testing to ensure proper function.

My big contribution to the curriculum was a lesson on setting up PostgreSQL for local development environments for learners doing the Rails content. I worked in partnership with a fellow contributor who provided macOS specific instructions, but I was responsible for the overall lesson structure and content. The lesson touched on many important concepts including what an environment was, what a typical development to production workflow would involve in terms of environments and finally setting up peer authentication for PostgreSQL.

I am also an active member of the Discord and try to contribute time to help other learners and provide help for folks who are stuck and asking for help.