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My previous professional experience; I had an extensive impact on this application and I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve done. Some highlights are listed below.

Along side the technical lead, we were able to implement an architectural change that reduced the application’s error rates by an order of magnitude (approximately 60% reduction week on week). Aside from reducing the error rate, the change also removed a layer of complexity to the application without much business impact.

I led a project to re-integrate our end-of-cycle user flow including rebuilding and re-architecting our checkout and payment flow. This feature was a big change as we added a cart abstraction and also added an abstraction layer to capture checkout data as first-party data and also enable future expansion of our payment providers. This work spanned both the front and back ends and included many new models, controllers, components and style elements. We were able to deliver this new feature along with associated unit and integration tests to ensure functionality for the happy path as well as unhappy/exceptional circumstances.

Another milestone was bringing the application from a low level of test coverage to ~92% coverage. The difference in coverage is illustrative of how much of the test suite we were able to write and build with some concerted effort. I am extremely proud to say that I contributed the bulk of the test suite expansion and improvements, converting the original MiniTest based suite to RSpec as a start then building it up as I worked on new features and fixes for older features.

I’ve also worked on a number of new features including a user onboarding experience, an image uploading system with drag and drop ordering, and helped to improve generative AI output for our business needs.