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CASA Volunteer Tracking

I was able to contribute to the project by improving the administrator and supervisor interfaces using jQuery data tables, which improved usability and provided real time filtering of data without page loads. This helped to reduce the amount of clicks that a supervisor had to make in order to access the data they were looking for.

I was able to improve the authorization policies around superviros and administrators of different tenants to ensure that access to resources and cases, as well as actions like assigning volunteers was scoped at the organization level. In addition to improving the policies, I was able to write testing to ensure that the behaviour was correct.

I also helped to move a few UI components into ViewComponents to improve modularity and reusability and included some unit testing for these new components.

I was able to also refactor a notification job to use a unit testable plain old Ruby object which helped to separate concerns and enable more direct and focused testing of the notification system.