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Launching Toronto Ruby


Published 2023-11-01

I’m so pleased to announce that we have our inaugural meeting booked and we are excited to see you! You can learn more about our event and sign up for our events mailing list at - I hope you’ll consider joining us!

I’m so excited to write this as it’s been something I’ve dreamed about since I started my professional journey with Ruby and Rails.

The one thing I know for sure, in tech, a community can take you very far! Whether you’re learning or working, community is place where you can recharge, learn and grow. Finding like-minded folks to learn and grow_with_ is an integral part of sustained and happy professional growth.

Without a community, new techniques or ideas may not come across your desk as much. You might not have an outlet to share and learn about the problems you’re facing day to day, or to share your ideas about that one really cool feature that you’ve been working on.

As a new Ruby dev, I was very disheartened to learn that the local Toronto Ruby community had been inactive for quite some time and I craved this kind of connection.

I am so eager to connect with folks who love and use Ruby every day! I’m grateful to have the support of so many wonderful folks to launch this venture. The language is still alive and well, and while I felt alone, I am hoping that my big dream will help others. It’s time we said it: We’re here and we love Ruby, still. Yes, in 2023!

Our vision is to provide a place for the GTA Ruby community to flourish, learn and grow together; be a place where folks can make friends and find others that love Ruby!

I’m really looking forward to seeing folks at our inaugural meetup, and I hope you’ll consider joining us for more of our future events.